“Guess what?” Morgan said, her hand entering the room before she did. Rebecca’s scream of joy made my stomach turn. They gathered around her like crows over a shiny bauble, cradling her hand and squealing like young women do over diamonds in a gold setting. I hoped I was smiling. Was I? I put the... Continue Reading →


The weathervane stands proudly against the gray, its metal blades looking cold to the touch. Spindly trees without their leafy caps frame the weathervane, shaped like an arrow, the end bursting forth like a flower in bloom. The wind whispers over the blades and they spin around its axis, fast enough to blur, then slowing,... Continue Reading →

Music as Muse

Confession: I thought I had an original idea when my first story came from the rebellious and socially conscious album Second Law by the band Muse. I thought someday I would send them a letter telling them how Everett and Mara and the 2nd Federation Army had come to be and I would thank them... Continue Reading →

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