Refrigerator Purgatory Days 8-14

Dear readers, I hope this note from my Refrigerator Purgatory finds you well. We are now in week two of our refrigerator-less existence, and it's going... well, it's going. This is our current refrigerator, a college dorm sized Sanyo from approximately 2002. Also, it's in the foyer, because of course it is. When I last... Continue Reading →

Refrigerator Purgatory: Days 1-7

Dear readers, I'm speaking with you from my place in Refrigerator Purgatory. At only five years old, it met a sudden, untimely demise on a Tuesday. I noticed there wasn't any new ice in the ice maker, and I discovered the severity of the situation when I reached for something in the freezer and it... Continue Reading →

This One’s for the Girls

"I hang out with guys because girls are such drama." "She shouldn't dress like that." "I'm not that good at it." "That's not how girls should act." I've heard these things. I've said these things. I've written these things. It has to stop. I’ve been devouring the Handbook for Mortals and 50 Shades of Gray take-downs... Continue Reading →

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