Here They Are

We were always warned beforehand that it was coming. We knew the code, and we knew what to do when it came over the speakerphone. But even when we had pre-emptive information, it didn’t stop the chills that raced through me at the word ”thumbtacks.” My two coworkers and I had to do three things.... Continue Reading →

I think a lot about the things that used to set my soul on fire. Hours, days, weeks spent indulging in this hobby or that activity. When I was a kid, there was nothing that made me more elated—or enraged—than the piano. I started playing when I was seven, and took to the instrument like... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for New Main Characters

It's the morning after I watched an act of insurrection play out in front of me live on Twitter, and I can't stop thinking about Grant and Emilia. Full disclosure: they're not real. Not in the social security, birth certificate number sense, but as real as characters in my manuscript can be. Their stories take... Continue Reading →

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