The Adults are in Charge

They say every generation has a major incident that defines their identity. For my generation, it was September 11th. My formative years happened in a bizarre stretch of time that's still draped in neon and pleather in my memory, a cultural and technological revolution you could feel happening. Y2K, hanging chads, AOL Instant Messenger, the... Continue Reading →

The Rabbit

The rabbit is on alert. Nose flicking, eyes darting. Waiting. She was raised that way, to be hypervigilant, to trust nothing. She knows if the fox catches her, it'll be because she wasn't witty enough to evade it. She hops to the edge of the tall weeds. The mat of vibrant grass shimmers with beads... Continue Reading →

It Starts With One

A few years ago, someone gave us a plant they claimed was bee balm. We had the perfect spot to let it go wild, a patch of mowed grass at the edge of our property we'd let return to its natural state. Letting the area grow up again had two purposes. First, to provide some... Continue Reading →

Hard Pass

I told my chiropractor I was trying to get a book published. He always asks me what's new and exciting before muscling my spine into place. I usually don't have anything to say. But that particular day, I shared my writing journey with him because I was on pins and needles waiting for news. I... Continue Reading →

What am I Doing?

I have a document with that title in one of my many subfolders in Google Drive, where all the half-baked ideas and partially written novels and long abandoned characters live in silent digital graves waiting to be revived. "What am I Doing" is about a page and a half long, an attempt at new first... Continue Reading →

Millions of Little Pieces

The minutia. That's what I see when I look around. Patches and key chains and mementos and freebie notepads for politicians I've never heard of. Cups without saucers and black and white photos of people from a bygone era. Chipped knick-knacks and old receipts. Notebooks with lists and numbers and lines of potential. Life. Stories.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Light Yourself on Fire

It's a bad idea and you will get hurt. The end. Just kidding I wouldn't do that to you. After finding my way to Writer Twitter (TM) a little over a year ago, it has paid off in dividends. I've taken risks. I've improved my craft. I brainstorm ideas with other wise and brilliant minds.... Continue Reading →


Maybe our world will grow kinder someday The opposing tensions pull now until they could snap Casual comments tossed at screens Vile hatred spewed in plain sight Pixels against pixels where no one is real and nothing is sacred Spare feelings? Why? Only mine matter My values and my principles I see no consequences, no... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Triggers

Yes, let's. It's the internet bully's favorite term to mock people who, I don't know, have feelings, I guess. There are a bajillion memes and GIFs that get pasted into replies. Hilarious. But triggers are real, and I'd like to share a story about mine. I'm a childhood cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a... Continue Reading →

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