I’m the Boss of You

I've been idle for a minute. I know you've missed me. I don't have a face, but I see yours all the time. I track your gaze as it moves up and down, side to side. You look so busy sitting there. So important. Please, run your thumb over me. How long has it been... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Halloween Tag!

There's something so great about writing during this time of year. Full moons are a little creepier, noises are a little closer, and wrapping up in a blanket during a writing session feels so much more satisfying. I was nominated to do this questionnaire by my fellow talented writer Carolina Huball and you can find... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Mountain Between Us

I read The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin to complete a category of my reading challenge: a book becoming a movie in 2017. The story is about Ben, a doctor, and Ashley, a journalist, who are both trying to get home after their flights are cancelled due to a blizzard. Ben convinces a charter pilot to... Continue Reading →

Shock and Apathy

They roamed free without a care. We worshiped them as much as we feared them. They had one message for us all: we are not to be questioned. History said we must have them. They were a sacred piece of our culture. Our very survival. They ranked in line after our gods and our patriotism.... Continue Reading →

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