Cracked Recollections


At a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I was profoundly affected by an old cemetery I toured. It has had many lives since its inception during the Revolutionary War. It has been a Civil War battle ground, where occupying Union forces hid inside family tombs to stay warm. Graves have been moved to accommodate the growing city, displacing the bodies, their stones attached to the inside of the outer boundary wall in a beautiful, macabre arrangement. It contains seven hundred souls in a mass grave who had been victims of the yellow fever epidemic. As I wandered through the stone paths, past graves of people a decade younger than me at the time of their death, I felt the heaviness of their untold stories in the air, attaching to me, wanting to be heard.

We are all made of stories. When we’re gone, that’s all we’ll be. I have–and I’ll bet you do too–an assortment of quick moments in life that have never left me. Nobody’s going to write them down or memorialize them in any way. They’re just stories. They stay with us because they taught us something.

That’s what you’ll find here. Just stories. Just lessons. Some funny, some painful, some sad, some sweet, and all true. Welcome to thirty of my cracked recollections.


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